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She served Alice loyally out of pride for her race. That being said, Granberia joined the contest purely to test her skills, and almost came out victorious, only to lose second to Alice. She was impressed by his bravery, and even more impressed by the fact he knew a Cursed Sword technique. She quickly learned that Luka was actually traveling with the Monster Lord Alice herself, whom ordered Granberia to cease her crusade on the city for the time being. Afterwards, Alice made the four other competitors the Heavenly Knights, and Granberia took up the mantle of the Heavenly Knight of Flame. Granberia since the swore to make sure they're all safe, as even out of universe, if any of them died it would lead to catastrophic events back at home. Granberia was heavily wounded in the initial siege on the Monster Lords castle post her fight with Luka, and unable to contribute to the war effort for a time.

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Afterwards, Granberia tested Luka out several times on his adventure towards the Monster Lord's castle, finding herself intrigued by his massive potential and prowess, as well as his ideal of coexistence between humans and monsters.

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Granberia Monmsu Quest

She served Alice loyally out of pride for her race. Afterwards, Granberia settled down to train humans in the way of the sword up until when the multiverse was a thing that happened. Abandoned at a young age, Granberia was raised by the Great Spirit of Flame Salamander, whom trained the young dragonkin into what would be known as the Cursed Swordstyle.

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