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Since you read Cosmo, you may think you're familiar with every sex trick in the book. Reverse cowgirl? Been there, done that.

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Ahead of time, slice mint leaves and allow them to soak in water overnight to saturate the water with mintyness. Then, use the minty water keep the leaves in it to fill ice trays and stick them in the freezer. When your playdate comes around, suck on minty ice prior to performing oral sex—the change in temperature plus the minty sensation will add major tingles.

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Collected by Sarah Bruning bruninse ctrvax. Summary : Altoid mints stongly intensify oral sex Text: "Supposedly, if you give a guy a blowjob with an Altoid in your mouth it will drive him crazy. I heard it when I was younger with a wintergreen lifesaver, and supposedly that glows in the dark when you bite it too, but I think the Altoid thing is more likely.

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There are so many different crazy sex myths to try out for fun. The myth goes that chewing on a few Altoid breath mints makes blow jobs even more exciting and pleasureable. I used Peppermint Altoids for the blow job. Peppermint Altoids have peppermint oil in it.

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If you're a shy reader, you should definitely cover your eyes for this one—though something tells me you'll be peeking between your fingers. Well, first off, if he's clean and healthy,so stop being silly right now. But, beyond that, to add to the fun of it, try my favorite sex tip, the Champagne Shower.

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Sign up or log in to share. I'm the ultimate Icebreaker junkie and I seem to -always- have one in my mouth for that minty taste and while I was performing oral sex on my girl one night, I absentmindedly reached over and popped one in and continued. She had an orgasm out of this world!

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Back to Sexual health. Oral sex is when you stimulate your partner's genitals with your mouth, lips or tongue. This could involve sucking or licking their penis also called fellatiovagina, vulva or clitoris cunnilingusor anus anilingus.

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Start slow Keep her wanting more by starting with slow, deliberate movements. Women like to be teased, so make sure not to get carried away and keep it light and playful to start. Try running your tongue along the inside of her upper thigh right next to the vaginal area, without actually touching it. It will make her crave more action.

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This does not work at all. There is no numbing affect. This is a joke.

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And I mean going down on him. We've talked a lot about oral sex and it seems like we're always looking for tips to really wow him. Let's not dance around the fact that you have a penis in your mouth. Sometimes those suckers are big, other times not so much.


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