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Cloudy pee can throw a wrench into an otherwise straightforward bathroom trip. Here are a few reasons why your pee might be cloudy, plus what to do about it. Cooper recommends drinking more water than usual for a few days and seeing where that gets you.

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Ah, excessive urination. But along with all the benefits of staying hydrated comes one potential drawback: spending what feels like your entire life hustling to and from the bathroom. Peeing frequently is often part and parcel of staying hydrated.

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Q: My friends tell me I have a 'bladder of steel' because I never have to pee. Should I be worried? A: You're probably just fine.

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Announcer: Is it bad enough to go to the emergency room? Or isn't it? Interviewer: You're having a hard time peeing.

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Every month, we send some of your biggest questions on nutrition, health, and more to our panel of experts to answer. The question, "Why do I have to pee a thousand times after having only a small drink in the morning? And no, I'm not pregnant," was answered by Keri Peterson, M.

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Let's face it: many puppies pee next to the pee pads, and behind such puppies are often frustrated puppy owners who are desperate for solutions. How can the puppy be taught to pee on top of the pee pad and not all around it? Why do puppies seem not to grasp the idea?

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If you're always rushing to the bathroom, it could be because you're downing coffee like you'll never get another sip again, or it could signify a greater problem outside your caffeine intake. Let's assume it's the latter. There could be a variety of reasons you're peeing so muchwhich may be caused by underlying health issues.

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But did you know that every time you pee, your urine gives important clues about your overall health? Its smell and colour, in particular, can give vital clues to your well-being. You may have an infection.

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Ask someone if they look into the toilet after they've done their, well, "business," and the question is usually met with some form of a grossed-out look, and an exclamation that sounds something like, "Ew, no. Why would I do that?! Aside from being the end result of our kidneys filtering out toxins and waste from our blood, urine can be a helpful and simple to observe diagnostic tool to alert you to things going on in your body, from dehydration to mercury poisoning.


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