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Hopefully she was a willing participant! I only brought my ass camera this time. It's either completely innocent, or the owner of that place is god damn fucking brilliant. I once was out feeding ducks in a really lovely park on the bank of the thames. He was doing surveys with people, finding out a little bit about them, age, location etc, what they had enjoyed and or done. Guy goes in, gets gnawed on for a few, and as he's leaving says to the cashier "man, those girls are amazing! Seems it's a known place on the Internet, people meet up there and if no one is there they leave an "ad", like this one:.

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Typically in gay bars they don't put locks on the doors so people don't have sex in the stalls. There was nothing on the other side except another identical toilet stall Thank God. There was an article in our school newspaper about the various spots where people have sex on campus, including supposed glory hole locations.

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