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Don't make me do this again. Incredibly repulsive premise aside, the game's pixelated nude sprites and "Holy shit, you're taking a girl's bra off, dude! Anyway, here's a an evil Magmortar throwing a Medicham into a volcano:. And a murderous revenge fantasy! Moemon is identical to Pokemon FireRed save one subtle difference. I agree to the Terms of Service. Yes, you've subverted expectations, but what exactly have you proved?

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It's even, like all great Pokemon games, inspired by Kill Bill.

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Zombies have infested nearly every pop culture franchise, from Red Dead Redemption to freaking Archie. Instead of making a single cohesive Pokemon horror game, they somehow made every Pokemon horror game at once. That last part has actually been a plot in the series before , but at least in Pokemon Platinum you could save our dimension and then not have to worry about dealing with, like, a dozen hostage situations.

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