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Ayame tosses Tanukichi down into the forest to help him escape from Anna, where he finds the porn stash in a suggestively-shaped cave. An anime television series adaptation was announced by Gagaga Bunko in October As Otome's hentai drawings spread around the school, Ayame decides to take the next step and make masturbation aids in the kitchen of the cafe SOX regularly gathers at. Tanukichi is assigned the task of getting Hyouka to develop small vibrators, but upon coming to collect one, a mostly-naked Hyouka attempts to learn about his "cucumber" as payment for her services. While Tanukichi detests her methods, he can't bring himself to sell Kosuri out to Ayame.

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After Kosuri helps out Takuma, they proceed to take the hostages to Zoshigaoka Academy.

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Categories : Manga series manga anime television series Japanese novels Anime and manga based on light novels Comedy anime and manga Dystopian anime and manga Funimation Gagaga Bunko Shogakukan franchises J. Later, Anna overhears Otome make a dirty remark about Tanukichi and starts strangling him while Ayame refuses to help. Elsewhere, Tanukichi subdues another panty thief and immediately steps on the crotch of a second person who stumbled into the same room.

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