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So when Byer learned the Netflix program was nominated for an Emmy, she was shocked. CORNISH: On that note, there is one aspect of your story that I see always kind of on the edge of the frame, and that's, like, the story of your family and growing up. Like, there isn't one type of white. There's a telling sketch from a few years ago when she was with the troupe the Upright Citizens Brigade. You couldn't; they didn't make it in my color. Also, I didn't have any money, so this wig would get ratty, but I was like, I'd rather be in my own ratty wig than having someone just patting my hair down. So you are asking me to literally put on your version of "black," which is to me a blackface, because that's not me.

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I think that's a good word.

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'There Isn't Just One Type Of Black,' Says Comedian Nicole Byer

When I was little, people would say to me and my sister - or to my mother - wow, they're so well-spoken. Just because I'm a little black girl doesn't mean that I'm going to sound the type of way you think I'm going to sound. He, like, went grocery shopping, got me, like, all the toppings I liked.

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