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Researching that for so long took its toll, but I had some really important people around me, and I knew that the work that I had to do to was write about my experience of writing the poems. BLVR: Perhaps being a poet and being an actress could be seen as very different sides of the creative spectrum. I think we, especially in American culture, are so afraid to talk about death. After I saw my first poem published, I became interested in the immortalization of words and the fact that you could put something out there that you felt and that meant something to you, and that it could be interpreted by many different people to mean many different things. As someone who was born and raised in Los Angeles, I was really interested in this idea of people who move here to get into the business, and some of them do become famous and then oftentimes they fall out of that fame in very terrible ways. That was the first visual image I had. Yet Tamblyn, who grew up among bohemians her unofficial godfathers are Neil Young and the late Dennis Hopper , says poetry was her first love, and one of the few areas in her life over which she had full control.

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Did you manage to avoid the dangerous—sometimes lethal—pitfalls that other child stars have fallen into?

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Amber Tamblyn: "I get rejected for a living"

And not in the same way as acting did. BLVR: Do you feel like you ended up in a better place? It is the death of my twenties. And that means not seeing and not doing and not being, and what a wonderful thing that must be.

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