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Serena's life was perfect until she met Ash, the most popular boy in school; her life basically turns upside down afterwords. Going by a new name in Kalos but living the same story he did in Kanto, Vermeil desperately searches for the one thing that Champions don't get handed to them - meaning. This is the story of Kalos, a beautiful region rich in culture, people, and perspectives. Lysandre used both Xerneas and Yveltal at Geosenge in his plans, and succeeded. Along with a couple of platonic relationships between friends and family. She was a huge fan of fantasy and monster type games and this game seemed like a dream come true.

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Tara. Age: 27.
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Some people are not so nice, and some are almost too nice.

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Zariyah. Age: 24.
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Eight years after he became the Kanto League Champion, Chase had learned a lot. Read to find out Written for Fun. It began with the fall of a kingdom. One just has to look for it, that's all.

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